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22 October 2010 @ 07:00 pm
I'm currently 13 and a half weeks, and for my first pregnancy dream, wow, what a doozie!

I dont know where I was, but I was pretty far along in the whole baby growing process and the belly had gotten big! Well, for some reason my stomach was itching so I slid my hand up underneath my shirt to scratch and it felt incredibly strange. Like I had a huge piece of jewelry or food or something stuck to me. I raised up my shirt to see, and was absolutely horrified. My belly had gotten so big that the scar from the appendectomy I had in the 4th grade had burst open. Our baby's foot was hanging out. And wiggling. I tried to push it back in and get a band-aid to close the scar but it kept on poking back out.

Thats all I remember, and was pretty disturbed the entire next day!